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MISTER WHISTLER is the Cologne-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist and music and English teacher Stefan Pfeifer. He owes his stage name, which he has adopted from his lessons into his musical work, to his pupils.

The songs of the mid-forties newcomer tell stories of fear and hope, encounters and loss, abysses and leaps, broken hearts and torn souls that are patched up again and again. He lets us share in a lust for life that sometimes seems to get lost in today's world.


With his upcoming album MISTER WHISTLER takes us on an excessive trip through lush arrangements, danceable grooves, powerful finales, but also the quiet moments of human longing. Grand gestures, reveling in voluptuous sound worlds, catchy and dreamy pop melodies and the earthiness of the blues, the tenderness of folky ballads and the force of spherical post-rock thunderstorms, delicate yet powerful guitar playing and opulent vocals, electronic beats and loops. Genre boundaries are crossed, torn down, or simply ignored. On stage, MISTER WHISTLER sings and plays his guitar as if he were Al Pacino in front of the camera – straight from the heart, with body and soul, impulsive, stirring and powerful.


MISTER WHISTLER is the Johnny Cash from Cologne without country kitsch, The Kills with their face in cotton candy, Bee Gees with their fingers in the socket. A unique kind of pop music from the Rhineland in Germany. We can look forward to the album release in 2024!

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